From apneu to breathing

19 03 2013

Good evening…
So long not getting show on this blog. But nevermind, now it is the time to tell, not much but only a piece of story from my experince in struggle for life. Since I am on duty in co assisting in Hospital till now, actually I have never been helped to save somebody life especially apneu neonates.
Yeah not separated from the miracle of God Allah SWT that gave this baby lifes from “death”. This neonate come to PUSKESMAS with symptom hard to breath, bluwish skin at lip and extremities, cough, got febrile condition and surprisely this neonate is premature newborn. It birth on 32 weeks pregnancy. Its mother also have history of premature birth on its first baby.
When I asked about its baby history of illness, its mother cries by herself and I gave her all my support to calm her down. Yeah such a emphatic situation, hardly to imagine if have this situation on my family.
The baby was born on January 4, 2013. So when I make physical examination, the baby was one month aged. yeah with the Pediatric experience that I have got from my school, I try to save this baby, even with little hopes and keep pray also. I try to give positive pressure through the baby lungs, but I didn’t have CPAP and modified by giving facemask and push positive pressure to the baby lungs. I accompanied with my best nurse and midwifery to save this baby life. From the physical examination we have got result hard rhoncy in all ove its lungs. so much mucose secrete that plug the airway and the lungs. From the clinical symptom and physical examination, I have diagnosed the neonate with severe pneumonia. Actually I already gave suggestion to the patient to bring the baby soon to the hospital, but they denied it and want me to taking care their baby. So I will give my best to save the bay lifes, even with little possibilities. Alhamdulillah thanks to Allah SWT we have saved this baby from apneu condition to breathing and palpable pulse for a long 3 hours make bagging to the baby.
Along with bagging, I gave he baby parenteral therapy by put RL infusion micro and give injection of ceftriaxone (skin test first, still debating by some centre),gentamycin and paracetamol drop. With 5 days prescription and carefully monitoring Alhamdulillah this baby can go home with some advice.
Yah this is my best experience in giving my best to help people especially in my area of work.
Hopefully it can push me to give my best in any occasion and circumstances.




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