3 Cito for Today…

24 02 2011

Õº°˚ ˚°ººoº :O:O god…so tired today…for the firts time in the first week of anesthesiology stage responsible for 3 patient in a day…
The first was patient with sectio cesaria…the surgery used spinal block anesthetic…which I’ve seen so many times when I was in obstetric and gynecology stage…but actually,what I am doing only helping the assistance. But how I feel so tired. May be caused by ran from one room to others to look for the tools for anesthetic. Yaa for the last almost 3 months not doing such a hard work. Thanx god the baby is out and the surgery hold well.
The secong surgery was appendictomy. Yup still rememberred when I was in surgery stage,especially in digestive phase with the most extrinsic doctor in here. But I’ve got so many experience from him. And also this surgery held so well too.
And the last was trepanation to release out blood from the brain, intracranial hemmorhage. The blood volume of ICH was 32 cc which was an indication for evacuation surgery in neurosurgery. Because it can suppress the central of breathing in pons,caused by the increased of intracranial pressure.
Yup such a nice experience today performing in anesthetic stage…in cito rooms. Hope the next day I can performed better.




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