The Miracle of Anesthesiology…

23 02 2011

When you heard the word anesthetic,on your head maybe sounds like morphine…and other addictive narcotics…actually ‎​nice answer..but it can’t answer the truly question. In anesthesiology,u’ll learn how to manage an individual systematically since entering operation/surgery room and till he recover from the anesthecy influence.
The principe is make the airway clear. So the anesthetic specialist was an expert in mantaining that stuff…
When you watch Team Medical Dragon or Greys Anatomy,you can see the real situation.
Still curious to it,now I am in the first week stage in anesthesiology. In the first week,I have already learned about the procedure that played in my medical school. For example since the patient entering the surgery room,from the preparation of patient,water balance, medical anesthetic stuff and emergency situation…now still need more time to adapt and get experience from it.
Hopefully will be better experience and get very well knowledge from those place.
Thank you to all my lecturer there.




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