Indonesia Sail Bunaken 2009 goes to South Kalimantan (Borneo Island)

2 10 2009 Maybe around few days a head, There will be an occasion held in Floating Market at Martapura River Banjarmasin Indonesia. If I am not mistake, there will be held on October 4-6, 2009. In my mind why the visitor want to go to see the floating market in Banjarmasin? Yap floating market in Martapura river is the trademark for Banjarmasin city. Many people if they visiting here, they will also going to the floating market in Banjarmasin.

Floating Market is located at Martapura river which is included as one of the longest river in Borneo island. The most favourite place for the floating market is at Kuin Selatan near “makam” Sultan Suriansyah. If the visitor wanna see many boat that called “Jukung”, they have to come early in the morning at 5 a.m. If they come late after that, they won`t see many boats that sell anykind of vegetable, food, fruit and other. The most interesting is the boats that sell “Soto Banjar”, which is a kind of special food in Banjarmasin. Soto Banjar is watery food which is consist of packed rice surrounding with cutted eggs, vegetable, potatoes and etc. It was really delicious. Why it was interesting when you eat Soto Banjar? Because you eat Soto Banjar at the boat. And usually the boat was shaking by the river waves. So you`ve tobe carefull when you eat.

Banjarmasin famous with the kindness of the people, a thousands of river (just like at venice, Italy), and the various of foods and drinks. So many people would love to come here and walking around the city to watch the culture and people in here.

Indonesia sail Bunaken visitor that will come in Banjarmasin according to Banjarmasin Post newspaper around 40-50 boats which is consist of many countries, such as United States, England, Korea, Japan, etc. Some other will come to west java continuing their holiday in Indonesia.




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