Marhaban ya Ramadhan 1430 H

21 08 2009

Ramadhan…the fasting month for moslem people all over the world. A holy month…which is the best month than other eleven month in a year. If you`re doing something`s good, you`ll get the gift by Allah SWT hundred times. Anything…So everyone will never miss the chance to get close to Allah…

The other occasion that was interesting until now is cake market, especially in my city “banjarmasin, south borneo, Indonesia”. Here is the most interesting place, the most common city with moslem majority. At every corner of the street you`ll see people sell any kind of food, in Banjarmasin most of it “sweet food” just like “Bingka Barandam”. Bingka berandam is a kind of food which is a cake drown into sweet yellow water. Hmmm kind a delicious stuff…isn`t it…Yup…

So this is the month which is people miss everything…the market…the ritual…the kindness of people…and calm cities”no noise because all teh people mostly sleep in order to fill their energy after being tired doing their activities all day long.

So without forget about saying…Marhaban ya Ramadhan 1430 H….Minal aidin wal faidzin….Hope you`ll enjoy and become motivated to do all activities in this month….



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