Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

30 08 2008

Marhaban yaaa Ramadhan, a month which is holy for all moslem around the world including Indonesia, country where i am now. This month only comes once in a year. In this month, people will have fully focuses their praying every time and every minute. Why because there are three main aims that moslem should takes on that month which are “rahmah/bless/kasih sayang” (first week), maghfirah/forgive/maaf(second week) and the last week is Itkumminannar/far from hell/jauh dr api neraka.

Yeah what a great effort to reach the three aims spirit of fasting month. In this month moslems also have to fasting for 29/30 days depending on the “rukyatul hilal/hisab”/ seeing moon/counting the moon.

Every night Moslem’s people pray tarawih and witir around 11 or 21 rakaat. And it is good if Moslem’s people also read al qur`an and finish all the chapter (juz) and in Indonesia called (Khataman AL Qur`an).

I hope the first day of fasting month will be the same between NU and muhammadiyah. So all of moslem will held similar fasting month and Idul fitri also in the same day. So keep growing the spirit of Islam…to face the next fasting month and we will be reborn again in clean heart and mind….





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