Horray…..Finally I can PAst the first step (Lulus….)

20 08 2008

Finally after struggling for 5 years i can graduated at august 16, 2008. It was a hard work to do. Why??? because I have face so much situation happen, the most critical event that i have was my father died at 2005 because of heart attack. All of us including me and my family were not ready to get this situation. But when the time slowly past, all of us started to understand that may be god took my father in order to make our family always keep ready for the time (death will come in anytime, anywhere). So don`t waste anytime just making something unnecessary.

when I`m attending for graduation (in indonesia yudisium). there was a different situation between first degree graduation and doctor graduation. Tense situation apper in the face of doctor graduation,  in contrast with forst degree graduation. Because at the first degree graduation, all of us know the score so we can predict does he/she graduate or not. Different with doctor graduation, they don`t know even they are graduate or not. because they don`t even know the score until the result read by the academics member.Yeah, that makes all of us have to put in their mind that we have to make the best and we hope for the next to year we can past all chamber in hospital and graduated as soon as possible. Amien….!

Actually, this is a good starting point of me. I have to prepare anything for entering hospital may be for the next one month. especially physically and mentally. The situation between college study together and attend class will be different with take care of patient. But I`m sure all the things will walk nice if I can do it better and follow all the rules there. And of course I have to get much information from my friend that is still taking education in hospital. So it will be easier if i now the situation earlier.

But waiting for 1-2 month actually is really boring for me. And since now to fill my time, I try to read some books especially pediatrics books because my friend said that in pediatrics is one of the hardest part in hospital with high rules and attention, furthermore when we are there, there is no enough time to open the book. Like the proverb says “just do it, even you don`t know what will be happened next”.




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