After followed two exams….

17 06 2008

Finally i`ve followed 2 exams, obsgyn and internist. at the first exam it takes a harsh time to studied coz so many book that i`ve to read. But i have a motivation. it is to be graduate this semester. hopefully with a good score (good cumulative score). I just wishing now that i hope i`ll graduate on both subject. But i`m not only follow both subject. there are still more subject i take this semester. the other are eyes, medicolegal, surgery and radiology. the most important subject is surgery, because it is the most difficult subject i thought. So i used to study hard since today…isn`t it???

Actually to be graduate this semester, i only have to follow surgery for the criteria to graduate. because i haven`t graduate for this subject. so now i have to study hard and i hope i can graduate with the best score (A qualification). i hope i can get A score for all subject that i have followed.

So chayo ajibbbb……hope my dream and imagination to be doctor as soon as possible come through. but do not just hoping, but study harder from now…ok




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